Ollie Wade – Obvious

Ollie Wade - Obvious

Ollie Wade - Obvious

Ollie Wade – Obvious



RELEASE DATE: 7th May 2021


GENRE: Singer-Songwriter /Pop












26-year-old Ollie Wade has never been shy of showing his vulnerable side within his songwriting. His honest and carefully crafted lyrics, paired with the raw emotion in his vocal help tell the story of Ollie’s journey into adulthood. From young love lost and found to the sensitive subject of mental health, Ollie strives to connect with his audience on a personal level.
Born in Winchester, Hampshire Ollie started his career on YouTube by posting acoustic folk-pop renditions of popular songs alongside making vlogs. It wasn’t long before Ollie began to earn a following online and at the age of seventeen, he released his first single, ‘Free’ into the world. Written as a tribute and legacy to his late brother, Ben, Ollie set out to raise money for a children’s hospice that his brother used to attend called, Naomi House. This attracted the attention of the country’s media and led to coverage on national television, radio, and an intimate performance to the Duchess, Kate Middleton. Inspired by the reaction to his first-ever song, Ollie pursued a career in the music industry. 
After spending some time discovering his sound and working on his craft, Ollie released his first proper single as an artist in 2015 followed up by his debut EP, ‘Falling’ which landed in the top 10 UK iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts. He has since gone on to write and release a catalog of material including a fundraising single, ‘Fly Away’ for the charity, Dreamflight; a Billboard featured co-write and over half a million streams as an artist and songwriter. Having also toured at a national level, Ollie Wade has headlined venues such as London’s ‘Borderline’ and ‘The Garage’; played at Chris Evan’s ‘CarFest’ and supported the likes of ‘Tom Odell’, ‘Andy Burrows, ‘KT Tunstall’ and ‘The Feeling’.
Growing up to likes of ‘Jack Johnson’ and ‘Damien Rice’ and taking inspiration from artists such as ‘Ed Sheeran’ and ‘Ben Howard’ in his teenage years, Ollie found his way home into the UK Singer-Songwriter scene. 2020 saw Ollie reconnect with his acoustic folk-pop side and clocked over one million streams last year alone.


Verse 1
Waiting’s not a problem for me
It’s something I’ve grown used to
So stop worrying about what this may be
It doesn’t change the way I kiss you
Pre 1
Well I’ve learnt a thing or two
About broken hearts and false starts
Cause even when you’re trying to
Fall again you can’t pretend
To force it past the line
It’s way too hard to find
So when I think I might just know
There’s not a chance I’ll let you go


If it’s time you need
Then I’ve got all the time to bleed
The wait is worth it
When it leads to you
If you want me
You know I’ll love you differently
Hiding right in front of us
Wasn’t it obvious?


Verse 2
I know that you’re still learning how to trust me
After all that you have been through
So every day I’m here
I’ll try to help you see
How deeply I adore you
Pre 2
Well I’ve been known to run away
When I start to feel something real
But this time doesn’t feel the same
Even when I try I can’t find
A fault in your design
Could I really call you mine?
And I know it’s moving fast
But I think we might just last
If it’s time you need
Well I’ve got all the time to bleed
The wait is worth it when it leads to you
If you want me
You know I’ll love you differently
Hiding right in front of us
Wasn’t it obvious?


I think I knew it months ago
I tried so hard to let it go
It was never on the cards back then
It’s funny how a day change
Everything in every way
With all, I ever need in front of me
Well finally I see
If it’s time you need
Well I’ve got time for you and me
The wait is worth it when it leads to you
If you want this
I promise I’ll be worth the risk
Hiding right in front of us
Wasn’t it obvious?
Discuss your approach to music production.
I go into production usually with the bare bones of a song, such as a vocal with an acoustic guitar base or piano base. I then make a demo at home adding parts like additional guitars, piano, synths, harmonies, and drums, and then take it into the studio to develop it further. There’s a lot of trial and error and just experimenting with different sounds and parts… it’s super fun…
Elaborate on how you come up with your lyrics.
The story behind the song is when you fall in love with someone that has been in your life for a long time, yet you never used to look at each other in a romantic way. I used the word obvious as the title and hook line as in hindsight it seems so obvious all along that you were meant to be together. The story of the relationship progresses throughout the song. It talks of self-reflection, both character’s pasts, and where the relationship is heading.
Discuss your songwriting process.
I always usually start with a concept, which may be a lyric, a title, or just a general theme; I have a massive list of these on my phone so I can take one when I want to write. I then sit down with either a guitar or piano usually and start to find a chord progression and hum out and try different melodies to fit around the music. Then I sculpt lyrics to fit into the melodies and really work on it from there.


Tell us about your next project.
I have a lot of new music in the works. It’s going down perhaps a more conventional pop sound and the themes of my music are happier and less sad. This reflects where I currently am personally in my life. I’m looking at playing around with more synthetic sounds and instruments to partner with the live instruments I record…


Tell us what you won’t do again in your music career.
To make music that I think other people want me to make. I now always create what I personally want to make and I always try and believe in my own sound, natural direction, and progression.
Tell us how you ensure your music is engaging.
I spend a lot of time with my lyric writing, aiming to make it captivating and interesting from the first line. I like to think of myself as a storyteller with my music and with every good story, it has to have a start, middle, and end. I always make sure there are some good hooks as well in the melodies, a strong chorus, and a theme that people can relate to and feel. A strong, genuine vocal is so important too as you need people to believe what you are singing.


Tell us your definition of harmony in music.
Harmony for me is everything that accompanies, supports, and elevates the melodies.


State your opinion on the income from digital streaming.
It’s simply not enough for a lesser-known, indie artist to make any sort of living from. Even with hundreds and thousands of streams, you’re barely making back production costs and PR. Something needs to change as right now it’s only benefiting the top 5%.
Suggest ways that artists can make a living.
I’m not ashamed to say I do a lot of cover gigs in a variety of settings to make my living. Even though I still would obviously prefer to sing my own songs, I am still thrilled to be singing and performing for my work. I also do commission top lining, songwriting, and anonymous vocal work.
Tell that special moment you discovered music.
When I was young and I got my first ever CD for my very own CD player. I think it was a ‘The Corrs’ album randomly but I then got obsessed with going out to get different CDs to play in my room. Also, when I got my first iPod it just changed the game completely!
State your best song and the reason.
I love my song, ‘Love’s Mistake’. It was my first single back after a pretty long break from releasing music and I had all but given up on my artist career at this point. I released the song independently and it broke all of my previous records and goals such as 10K, 100K, 500K streams and it’s still growing today. It was also after a very pivotal and emotional moment in my life so the track means more to me on a deeper level.
Discuss the difference between recording in a professional studio and a home studio.
I don’t think there’s much wrong with home studios these days. As long as the room has been treated acoustically and there is some good gear and equipment – in my eyes, you can achieve nearly the same result as one of the major professional studios. At the end of the day, if the songs are good – it will come through.
Discuss your interaction with your fans.
I like to keep a very real and honest relationship with my listeners and I’m genuinely myself when interacting with them. I read and appreciate every single comment and it’s important to me to show that it means a lot to me.
Tell us how you create the time to promote your music online.
It’s definitely tricky to manage that time around an already hectic life but at the end of the day if you’ve put all that effort into creating the music – it’s important to put in the effort to ensure it gets heard.


State the tools you know can be of help to a musician.
Patience, determination and always striving to improve and learn…
Elaborate on the song.
The story behind the song talks of when you fall in love with someone that has been in your life for a long time, yet you never used to look at each other in a romantic way. However, once together everything fits perfectly into place and it seemed so obvious in hindsight that you were meant to be together. It also talks about being patient with that someone as they are coming out of a previously toxic relationship and you want to give them the time that they need. 
The feel-good, acoustic track delivers a warming energy with honest and raw lyrics that Wade naturally proclaims. Filled with live instrumentation, the track takes inspiration from Folk and County – whilst still maintaining a commercial and contemporary Pop sound. Written and arranged in its entirety by Ollie Wade, he continues to take 2021 into his own hands by showing just what you can achieve on your own.

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