Nicky Moran – Gonna Turn

Nicky Moran – Gonna Turn

Nicky Moran – Gonna Turn

Nicky Moran – Gonna Turn

ARTIST NAME: Nicky Moran


SONG TITLE: Gonna Turn




RELEASE DATE: 4 June 2021


GENRE: Country Blues















I always wanted to sing and record since I was a little kid but allergies wrecked my voice so I tackled piano instead. In my 30s, I journeyed through significant health issues then encountered divine inspiration. I found writing songs of substance brought healing and light in the dark place I found myself and discovering my ‘true heart voice’ lead me to prolific songwriting, recording, releasing, and touring since 2008. The 10th Gospel album “Unlocked” is next, due for release around September 2021. Wanting to help others find hope, purpose, and peace I tour NZ prisons and community groups annually with uplifting solo gospel concerts of covers and originals. Songs are about life, love, journeying in hope and healing, faith, and the Almighty, flavored with country /gospel/folk/rock. The keyboard is my mainstay, enjoying other instruments and jamming. I love being involved in bands but I mostly do solo multi-instrumental live looping with lots of fun and harmonies.





I’m gonna turn, turn, turn
There’s a time for everything


Gonna turn from the wrong road
And choose to do what’s right
Gonna turn from selfishness
Live by faith, not by sight
Turn from my desires    
Give the Good Lord my whole life
Gonna turn, turn, turn from darkness    
And walk in true light


Gonna turn from taking away
Giving back with all my might
Gonna turn from talking trash
Speaking out all the words of life
Turn from chasing luck  
Share the Truth so far and wide
Gonna turn, turn, turn from addiction    
With the Lord by my side


Time to lay those burdens down
The old man has gone
Time to lay those burdens down
When I am weak then I am strong


Gonna turn from painful memories
Be renewed in my mind
Gonna turn from hurting others
Bringing peace into the fight
Turn from aggravation
Learn to apologize
Gonna turn, turn, turn from self-pity    


Time to lay those burdens down
The old man has gone
Time to lay those burdens down
When I am weak then I am strong


Gonna turn, turn, turn
I met my Maker
Gonna turn, turn, turn
To our Creator
I’m gonna turn, turn, turn,
There’s a time for everything


© Nicky Moran 2020



Discuss your recording experience with your producer.
We started working together on my 7th album Emerald in 2017 which was conceptually quite different, a contemplative, spiritual album and we came from different mindsets and cultural backgrounds but found commonalities, something that inspired us both to persist. From there we have done 3 more albums – just finishing Unlocked at the moment. Each album has different themes and ideas with gospel flavors underlying each genre, using session musicians recording separately in each studio each part, and some editing separately and a little together to make sure we stay on the same page. We seem to understand ‘the sound’ we are trying to convey. I record at the home studio on high-quality mics but producer Maciek Hrybowicz often has to scrub the tracks to clean up the passing cars and even the birds appearing on the tracks. He makes my voice sound amazing!


Discuss what comes first and last while creating a song.
The songs come to me in various ways. Often I get the lyrics first; sometimes they imprint themselves on me while I am waking or trying to sleep, or at work or driving or in the middle of stuff. Sometimes I ask the Lord to give me a song, or ask Him, how does the melody go? How does the rhythm sound? Other times the songs just bombard me and I record them on the spot on my phone and flesh them out on piano or guitar later, then record a home demo, I usually hear harmonies and initial arrangements quite quickly. Chords come second and melody usually follows, with a bit of rehearsing here and there. It’s either good or it’s not pretty quick.


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to a new artist.
Keep trying, keep learning, get instruction, you will get better as you keep trying things out and keep refining your craft and honing your ears. Learn from those who do what you want to do and play with those who are better than you when you can.


Discuss your worst experience in the music business.
Setting myself up to fail by expecting money to come back for everything I do. Charging for every punter restricts those who can’t afford to but want to come. So I started doing free community gigs with the ‘donations jar’ and ended up with more income than the chargeable gigs. Instead, I have now low expectations and then they are often met and exceeded. I look to do things for the betterment of others and it works out in the end.


Tell us how you make instrumentation to your song.
I try out various chord patterns on the lead instrument, often piano or guitar until I get a nice flow, and decide whether to play a melody or a harmony part/accompaniment. Decide or try out simple, complex, busy, empty, droning, or melodic. Mostly what the emotion in the song is trying to say, I aim to complement that. Then I listen and consider what other instrumental parts might augment it, simple bass, what rhythm pattern and lay down a little electric guitar as a placeholder – then give it over to the producer to improve the arrangements.


Tell us how you feel when you sing and your fans sing along to your song.
I feel amazing (and apprehensive) every time I sing an original in public, but when others join in it is very uplifting and affirming, some people say they just can’t get it out of their head. When the people get the message I’m bringing in the song, it’s very rewarding.


Tell us the goals you aim to achieve when creating a song.
That it is a vehicle to convey a message, the idea/theme emotively, convincingly, makes the person/hearer believe it, experience it, engage, and be moved by it in the soul. Many of the songs I write are spiritual and pure and have a measure of healing, hope, and faith so I would like to see these imparted in the listener. That it makes you feel you can cope, you can love again, hope again, try again, find God and live life anew.


Tell us your approach to writing.
If I want to write a new song, I ask for it and then receive it. So, just be ready, opened and willing and let it drop into me. Lyrics come easily and can be reworked easily. Just need to get something down and can work from that. There is usually a riff, a melodic line that is catchy, a rhythm pattern, a chord sequence, or something that makes the song unique. Once I get in the flow, it is easier, if it’s hard from the outset, often it doesn’t become a great song. The better the flow the better the song. It has to have some magic and make me feel inspired in some way as I hear it played back. I play new songs over and over the first day to get them stuck inside my head. I often choose to be straightforward in the song lyric, not always metaphorical, so the meaning is clear especially in contemporary gospel tracks.



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