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Losing Your Job

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Actions To Take After Losing Your Job Amidst the Pandemic
There’s no shame in losing your job amidst a global pandemic, and millions of people around the world have found themselves in your same exact shoes. What’s important now, more than ever, is readjusting your skills for the future of work and taking the steps needed to dive back into the workforce. 


Broadtube Business

Broadtube Business

Losing Your Job
You may be wondering whether or not you should immediately begin applying for jobs, but this is circumstantial. If you have the time and savings, it may benefit you to take some time to develop new skills, but if you are drastically in need of an income, consider taking up a part-time job while obtaining new skills as well.


Identify a New Skill to Learn
The first step to successfully reentering the workforce is to pick up a skill that will be useful to the future of work. If you are already on a forward-thinking career path, you may already have the skills needed to succeed in the future of work, and adapting those skills may not be necessary.
However, if you were in a more traditional career in the past, you may need to update your skills. In this regard, tech skills are some of the most useful for reentering the workforce. Specifically, skills with computers can elevate you above any other potential competition. Developing skills with coding or programming may be the easiest and best choice for someone looking to reenter the job market.
There are a number of prominent coding languages to learn that can help you land a new job. The useful factor about coding and programming is just how versatile the skill is. Virtually every high-tech job today, such as software engineering, uses coding as a base skill. Learning this skill can help you to enter career paths that were previously closed to you. 


Attend a Trade School or Tech Bootcamp
After identifying a skill you would like to learn, your next step will obviously be finding a source of education for that skill. Considering you lost your job, you may not have the time or funds to dedicate towards a traditional master’s program. Therefore, attending a trade school or coding bootcamp may be your best bet.
Prior to the last decade, coding bootcamps and trade school attendance was far beneath traditional universities due to a lack of exposure. However, as reported by The Atlantic, trade school attendance has now risen to rival that of colleges and universities. Attending one of these institutions can give any student the skills they need to launch a new career.
An added benefit of these alternative forms of education is the fact that they can be completed in a few months to a year, depending on the specific skill or school. With a lower cost than colleges or universities, these options are appealing to people in need of quick education. Visit Bootcamp Rankings to see popular trade schools or coding bootcamps near you today.


Relearn the Process of Interviewing
Following the process of picking a skill and learning it as best you can, there will be one more major obstacle in your path to reentering the workforce. Relearning how to interview is key to restarting your career. Regardless of whether you were in your job for a few months or a few years, it’s more than likely that aspects of the interview process have changed.
Perform the proper research for the job you are trying to enter and look up interview history at that specific company. By doing this, you will be able to see how to properly prepare for the position you are interviewing for. Preparation is key, as many tech interviews are more intensive and require problem-solving during the interview itself. With the right research, however, you will be on the path to nailing the interview and landing your new job. 


Losing Your Job


Losing your job during a global pandemic can be a worrying experience. Rest assured that there are steps you can take to reenter the workforce. Technology will not shove every person out of the workforce, but developing skills with technology can help you land a new and even more impressive job than the one you held before. Take advantage of the opportunity you now have and launch a new and fascinating career. 



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