Kashmira – Break Through

Kashmira – Break Through

Kashmira – Break Through

Kashmira – Break Through



SONG TITLE: Break Through
RELEASE DATE: 21st June 2021
GENRE: Indie-Pop, Indie-rock









Kashmira Khot is a singer-songwriter from Pune, India (born and brought up in Mumbai for the first 13 years). She started training for Indian light + classical music as a child, however, inspired by western music for most years. She started performing in open mics in 2017, in Pune. Influences spread out in different genres: Pearl Jam, Queen, Adele, Celine Dion, Rihanna, U2, etc.



Give water to my tears
The wells have gone dry
Thought I could borrow from my fears
So my tears would be left
There’s another night here for me to live through
There’s a mother who’s right here
Trying to hear me out


And every time I close my eyes
Another scene plays on
A dream that never left my back
But never came true
So maybe I’ll let go for now
I’ll leave my pain to you
So when the time is right I’ll know that
I have to breakthrough


Every night can be lonely
But only if there’s a thought
Where I wish you were right here
Trying to hear me out
And yet there’s a tomorrow that scares me to my heart
I might lose you with sorrow
But I know I’ll survive


And every time I close my eyes
Another scene plays on
A dream that never left my back
But never came true
So maybe I’ll let go for now
I’ll leave my pain to you
So when the time is right I’ll know that
I have to breakthrough
Tell us what your fans are saying about your music.
I didn’t know what to expect when I was putting it out there! But thankfully, I got really nice responses! People loved the groove and the delivery of the chorus. Also got some constructive criticism – which I needed- to work on better, for my next single (which will drop before the album). Overall, I couldn’t be happier with people’s reactions!


Tell us the factors you consider when writing a song.
In my process of writing/composing, usually, there’s a melody in my head or a chord progression that I want to try – the lyrics come through to me in different pieces that I put together later. Usually, these words are the feelings deep inside my thoughts but hard to find on the surface – they come out unknowingly as lyrics for songs. It becomes relevant for that phase, that time, and then once you put more emotions into it, I believe it makes others relate to it. I think it matters that others find something in your song that they can hold on to… Whether melody, words, beats, etc., the melody comes and the lyrics follow!


Discuss the production of the song.
I wrote the song in October and shared it with my producer Mayank Katare. I was confident he could help me make the best version of it – I put together the guitars and vocals, he put the entire song together by his vision and ideas, and I couldn’t be happier with it! He played the guitars, bass, as well as produced, mixed, and mastered it! Saurabh Lodha played the drums for this song. Other than the vocals that we recorded at Reverb Studio, Pune, the entire song is home-produced!


Tell us your best mood to create a song.
Anytime I get the inspiration to play the guitar and sing along. Inspiration is the only thing I believe I need to feel for making a song. No matter what it is that’s going on around, if you have the energy and dedication, the process becomes effortless!


Tell us the names of artists or musicians you have worked with, in the past.
I’ve previously worked with local bands in Pune. Some of them are Zodiac 13, Space, Nemophilis, Koda Bae, Naayab… I have also worked as a session artist on the duo and trio sets for the local gig scene!


Tell us about your experience performing on stage for the first time or recording in the studio for the first time.
I was introduced to performing on stage when I was a child. In events from the music classes, I went to, music camps in summer, etc. I used to have terrible stage fright always, but getting better with time, I guess. The important part is to not let the fright mess up your performance. Finally getting a hang of it, at 21!
I was 11 when I went to a studio for recording for an advertisement jingle. Our theatre teacher in school needed a young voice for the jingle. I went to the studio with my mother. I was scared, excited, everything! I didn’t know how fun it’d be! We spent an entire day there, and I learned a bunch of things about working in a studio. I’m eternally grateful to be given these chances at a young age – they really helped me grow through the years.
Tell us how you approach songwriting.
Personally, I don’t know how artists specifically sit down for writing. That’s a skill I’m going to have to learn – it takes time and full attention. To sit and plan how you want your words placed smartly, etc. In my process of songwriting, I let it flow. Sometimes it rhymes, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it makes sense, other times, it’s a nice melody to sing those specific words on. But at the end of it all, you should be able to express how you feel through those words. The emotion matters, no matter the words.
Tell us your opinion on blending genres or experimenting with sound.
Honestly, the one thing that scares me about putting my songs out, is that I’m not so sure on how to categorize them by genre. The sound, the mood, the arrangement of every song is different from one another. I’m already experimenting with sound! I think my songs will have blended genres too!


Elaborate on what compels you to go into music.
We have a lot of artists in my family. Watching them be so passionate about their art, their discipline and dedication for it, and how that has helped them grow as artists – is more than inspirational. I look up to them. My family (artists) and the other artists that I’m a big fan of- their life stories, struggles, and skill development are absolutely mind-blowing. I have been blessed with this family, musicians around me that are so brilliant, and the resources too! What’s stopping me from giving my best? I love music and all these things drive me to get into it!


Discuss how you record your vocals.
I usually make a rough demo at home. This includes guitar layers, other instrument layers, and whatever rough structure of vocals I have at the time. I absolutely love harmonizing vocal melodies, so I never hold back on adding them (Break Through’s chorus too). In the final versions too, I give 3-4 different full-takes. Breaking every line/ repeating the same line takes away the natural emotion and sound for me. There are minor mistakes in there sometimes, but nothing beats the emotions that come from a full-take of the vocals.


Tell us the software you use mostly for recording.
I started at home with Audacity. Now with an improving setup at home, I’ve shifted to PreSonus Studio One for making demos. For a beginner like me, it works like magic! As for the DAW Mayank used to make my final song, it was Logic Pro.


Elaborate on the song.
I wrote this song in October while making major decisions for myself, while changing how my life was, how I was, as a person, while finally being my own person.
It is about changing your vision and dreams, being afraid of it, worrying about the pain it causes, and yet again, asking someone to wait on these fears, while you go and face these changes for good. In this phase, we mistake ourselves for being easy to break apart. It’s a tough process and it is not weak. We emerge stronger.


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album.
I picked my own name ‘Kashmira’ after a long time of cracking my brain over an artist’s name. I thought I could try to be creative, but since it’s my solo compositions, etc., it felt right to just keep it ‘Kashmira’.
“Break Through”, I picked based on the chorus lines. I tried to make the chorus melody catchy and ‘Break Through” sounded like the best choice to name the song.



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