Jayolafm – Non-Stop

Jayolafm – Non-Stop

 Jayolafm – Non-Stop

Jayolafm – Non-Stop





RELEASE DATE: March 12th, 2021


GENRE: Hip Hop/Rap















Irish/Nigerian artist JayolaFM has been creating music since 2009 and releasing music since 2011. Born in Nigeria and raised in Ireland, JayolaFM has been heavily influenced by Drake, Jay-Z, and Tupac Shakur, and inspired also by local artists in his town.
In 2013, with help from HaszardBlasze, his now frequent collaborator and producer, he created ‘FreeMusicRep’, which became a record label and clothing brand in the following years.
Most of Jay’s Music can be streamed on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify.





I hit the quan and reverse
I know you fake niggas hurt
Shawty be whipping her skirt
Jump in my whip and I SKRR


They wanna jump in my lane
They should know we ain’t the same
I could just put them to shame
This is real life, not a game


Verse 1: (0.41- 1.10)
Swear I just don’t have the patience
For all the commotion and all the commotion
I’m chilling wondering where the days went
Been working too hard and I need a promotion
Been working like I am possessed (You know It!)
That liquor don’t drip when I pour it
I slow it
I slow that shit all the way down
Yh.. koosh got me going on a go-slow
I am too quiet on snap
On ghost mode
It’s just a little too late
No Jojo
Makin high power moves, on the down-low
I am no duppy and I’m not the devil
Tell all these niggas to get on my level
Killing these niggas I need me a shovel
Keep your head up but just know I’m above you




Verse 2: (0.38- 2.19)
I hit the Quan and reverse…. put all you Judas’ into a hearse
Taking a nap you belong in the dirt
Tween” me and you I know which one is worse
All you boydem are lame
Do anything for the clout and the fame
Give her the CO she come back for the CAINE
Addicted to me I might make her my slave mhhm
Way too much talent to waste
Call me a Tyga and gimme a taste
Sit on my face
It’s not a race
Fly overseas, I don’t stay in one place
Nah but for real tho I’m never around
Bruce Wayne flow when in my hometown
Bare dark nights (knights) took where
I am now
That’s why I cheese when the camera goes “click”
Click …. Click Click
Chief just told me that your shit ain’t it
Sad cause I know you just wanna be lit
But I’m not believing the words that you spit
Click Click Click
Nah nigga you are not part of the clique
You ain’t with gang
You ain’t the squad
You talk out ya ass we know you a fraud





Discuss your music.
My music reflects my real-life thoughts, emotions, and aspirations. I try to be as creative as possible with the bars that I spit, but the most important aspect of my music is its relativity to my real life!


Discuss the recording of this song.
HaszardBlasze, my right-hand man produced the beat in 2018. I originally wrote and recorded the song in November 2018 but after some technical difficulties, I had to re-record the whole track in 2019. The whole record was recorded in my home studio set-up (which is how 99% of my records are completed) and was mixed by Haszardblasze and mastered by SAMuel in 2021.


Discuss the lyrics of this song.
I mean there’s very little to say…. I think the lyrics kind of speak for themselves in this record. I was just having fun with it while sprinkling in a few real-life moments.
“Nah but for real tho I’m never around, Bruce Wayne flow when in my hometown. Bare dark nights (knights) took where I am now, that’s why I cheese when the camera goes… click”     – When I’m in my hometown of Athlone, Ireland I rarely see anyone and I like it that way and a lot of dark nights planning the next move in life took me to my current position. There’s just something different about the nighttime thought processes.


Discuss the melody of the song.
All credits to my man Haszardblasze who killed it with the melodies on the keys. The melodies in the chorus (hook) definitely help the lyrics stick in people’s minds.


Explain your songwriting process.
It is a very simple process: I hear the beat/instrumental or I have the musical idea already developed in my mind. I open up my notepad on my mobile phone (I used to write on paper way back, but phones are much easier on the go – and I’m on the go constantly!). I sit with the finished lyrics – practice them/memorize them/change them where needed… I record my lyrics as soon as possible (Shoutout to Sony Vegas Pro and FL Studio).


Tell us what makes this song unique.
The workmanship. People who enjoy clever lyrics and intricate rhyming patterns will really enjoy this track!


Tell us how you develop your sound.
Through constant practice, trial and error! Not every song I’ve put out has been a smash! But every record has allowed Haszardblasze and me to realize what we do best… We’ve been creating since 2013 and I’ve been writing songs since the age of nine, so let’s just say we’ve had time to practice!


Discuss your music background.
I’ve been rapping since the age of nine. I started uploading songs and covers to YouTube in 2012 when I got my first laptop. Haszardblasze and I linked up in 2013 to really form a formidable music duo and we’ve been going stronger since.


Tell us the factors you consider in a good song.
Catchy, relatable, hard-hitting production (whether it’s strong melodies or a hard-hitting drum pattern!) and clean vocal mixing…


Elaborate on your fan base.
I’m still considered a local artist; so most people who support us are from our country, Ireland. Recently, however, we have started to receive lots of attention from the USA and UK, which would be huge markets to break into!


Discuss your future goals.
To keep making hard-hitting music that people always come back to when they want to hear about life without filters. To create an empire with my music brand and start receiving recognition for the work we have contributed to the Irish music scene!


Mention those that have supported you so far.
Shoutout to my sisters, my day one friends who used to support me in secondary school (and still do), HaszardBlasze, my girl, and God almighty.


Tell us your opinion on categorizing songs into genres.
I think the lines are starting to become very blurred ever since Drake became a global artist. I love Drake’s work and having artists like Drake and Kanye West who pave and have paved a new way for rappers’ to sing melodies like R&B singers and vice-versa.


Tell us if you are interested in collaborating with other musical artists.
Always… As long as I can envision myself giving an artist a top-tier verse I will always jump on a track no matter, genre, location, whatever, I’m always down!


Elaborate on your artist’s name.
J.Ay.Ola FM… My artist’s name is a composition of my full name and of course, ‘FM’ represents the music group I am part of, FreeMusicRep.



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