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Hazel Mei – The Funniest Thing

Hazel Mei – The Funniest Thing

Hazel Mei – The Funniest Thing

Hazel Mei – The Funniest Thing



SONG TITLE: The Funniest Thing


RELEASE DATE: 4th July 2021


GENRE: Indie Pop/Jazz





















With an air of poise and attitude, Hazel Mei is embracing the rich tapestry that is modern music to create a sound of her own: indie-pop with a jazz-tinted underlay. From the flowering streets of
Brisbane, Australia, the songstress’ introspective writing style captures her whimsical, though slightly cynical outlook on the day to day. Hazel’s work to date has been a collection of moments like these from contemplating new romance, poking fun at the fickle nature of independence, to personifying her inner demons.
She speaks to the dreamer in you, but also the fighter. Her debut EP ‘Lost & Found’ has captured the hearts of many as she finally shares the magic in her distinct and intricately woven sound. From stereo to stage, she blends thoughtful arrangements with vocal prowess.
“If you haven’t already heard of Hazel Mei, you should probably be feeling like a bit of a fool… from the creative boom that has been happening in Brisbane lately, comes a singer-songwriter with the class and ability of industry royalty.” — Happy Mag
Self-produced and self-managed, Hazel Mei is paving the way to her own success, inspired by the independent female musicians that have come before her.




Intro: Cmaj7. Fmaj7. Cmaj7. Fmaj7.


Verse: Fmaj7. Fmin/maj7. Cmaj7. X4
A question is asked to derail your path and I think
If confusion queried you’d say, “It’s the funniest thing.”
The details are hazy and I think just maybe (ooooh)
These moments are clouded by past
Scars (ah/exhale)


Chorus: Cmaj7. Fmaj7. x3 Cmaj7. Cmaj7. X4
It’s the funniest thing (ha ha ha ha ha)
And it makes my ears ring (ha ha ha ha ha)
Felt my stomach just sink (ha ha ha ha ha)
It’s the funniest thing (ha ha ha ha ha)


Verse: Fmaj7. Fmin/maj7. Cmaj7. X4
So many incisions on all your decisions and plans
But you opened your gates and you gave them the upper hand
No room for contentment just ‘what if’s’ and questions
And hey, now you’re sinking in sand
How’d we get here again?


Chorus: Cmaj7. Fmaj7. X3 Cmaj7. Cmaj7. X4
It’s the funniest thing (ha ha ha ha ha)
And it makes my ears ring (ha ha ha ha ha)
Felt my stomach just sink (ha ha ha ha ha)
It’s the funniest thing (ha ha ha ha ha)


Bridge: Fmaj7. Fmin/maj7. Am. G. Fmaj. x 2
Better give it your best shot (ah ah ahhh)
While my head is running hot (ah ah ahhh)
Tell me my plan’s obsolete (ahh ahh ahh)
Know my path and know my style (ah ah ahhh)
Think you’ve memorized my file (ah ah ahhh)
Your data is incomplete (ahh ahh ahh)
So please take a seat (ah/exhale)


Chorus: Cmaj7. Fmaj7. x8
It’s the funniest thing (ha ha ha ha ha)
And it makes my ears ring (ha ha ha ha ha)
Felt my stomach just sink (ha ha ha ha ha)
It’s the funniest thing (ha ha ha ha ha)
X 2



Discuss your existence as a musician.
I make music in sunny Brisbane, Australia. I’m a singer, songwriter, producer, pianist, and guitarist.


Go into details on the changes in your life for choosing music as a career.
I base all my big life decisions on gut feelings. I remember one evening, lying in bed after a performance when I was sixteen and despite the hours that had passed I still couldn’t stop smiling because I enjoyed the show so much. I knew then that I had to pursue music in some way, I was lucky to be accepted into the Queensland Conservatorium Popular Music degree, where I began to learn the business and music production side of the industry and I’ve been growing my career ever since.


Tell us the benefits and drawbacks of choosing music as a career.
There’s no illusion that the music industry is easy, you really have to love it and believe what you’re creating. Some days are hard when you’re overworked, or there are cancelations due to COVID outbreaks, but overall it’s really great. I can be creative in so many ways; I love being involved in music-making and promotion too. Everyone should pursue what he or she loves.


Elaborate on the storyline of this song.
The song follows my inner narrative when encountering a condescending conversation. Instead of being assertive in my feelings, I find myself being polite and following convention. The whole track is really just me laughing at myself for falling into the same patterns again.


Let us know the greatest moment of your music career.
I don’t feel like there is anyone defining moment. For me, moments, where you feel pure pride and joy in what you’re doing, are always the best. For example, I always feel incredible after playing a great show with my band, or when I’m in a meeting and we’re discussing new, exciting future plans! They’re the moments I’m in this for.


Discuss your experience pertaining to live performances, gigs, shows, and tours.
We’re actually about to go on our first tour this month! I love playing live, partially when I get to share the stage with my incredible band. The energy during a gig is like no other, the experience is ever-changing but the feeling is constantly wonderful. Live music is the best!


Discuss the changes in your life as an artist.
I feel like an artist’s life is always evolving. Sometimes you’re quiet for weeks/months, creating art in solitude or taking time for rest. Then, suddenly you’re working 24/7 doing admin, or shows and life is bustling with exciting opportunities and probably not enough sleep. It’s a real rollercoaster and the line to success is long, but that’s just because it’s worth it.


State the names of the most important people that boosted your music career and how you met them.
Literally, everyone, I work with. My gorgeous band Trevor, Tiahn, Jacob, and Dave. Their love, support, and musical prowess are everything! I’ve recently met the lovely Iris through a campaign I’m doing and she is helping me so much and I’m extremely grateful for her. I could list for days, but the support shown by everyone in this industry is pure magic and we will continue to lift each other up every day!


Explain what you have in mind before considering music as a career.
I didn’t really pursue anything else.


Name the artists that have influenced your world.
Oh, so many! The Beatles, Norah Jones, Joy Crookes, Taylor Swift, Lorde, Julia Stone, Regina Spektor…I recently discovered Laufey too and she is wonderful!


Discuss your moment of rejection as a musician/artist and how you are able to cope and move on with your career.
You can experience rejection in any part of your life but so long as you are kind in your approach and truly believe in what you’re doing then it just makes sense to keep going!


Elaborate on the song.
I wrote the track during the last lockdown we had in April. Inspired by the spontaneity of creativity in such a time, I decided to produce and mix the song from my home studio, which has created an uplifting piece that is at once thoughtful and relatable.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
Hazel Mei, Brisbane’s alternative songstress.


Share your press release and reviews with us.
With her signature air of poise and attitude, Hazel Mei’s newest track is a jazz-tinted daydream. Following the success of her debut EP ‘Lost & Found’ late last year, Hazel has been busy crafting her newest release. Written in the midst of yet another lockdown in April, Hazel created a new blossoming piece from the solitude of her home studio. In celebration of how creativity can come at any time and in any space, she decided to produce and mix this track from home.
You can hear the energy of home and spontaneity in the track. The sounds are filled with a raw, uplifting warmth as well as the beautiful swell of a Hazel Mei arrangement, this time including saxophone! The track takes you out on a whim, as its dynamic composition sweeps you into the tapestry.
“It just felt like the right thing to do. We could have made long-term plans and hired a studio later in the year, but I felt the song needed to be realized there and then. With that came the freedom to record anytime (or rather whenever my friends and I were free), produce it myself, and allow ourselves to get swept up in the idea when it was fresh!”
‘The Funniest Thing’ follows Hazel’s inner narrative when encountering a misunderstanding or condescending conversation. In the face of these moments, she often finds herself being polite and following convention instead of being assertive in her opinions. In the lyrics, she pokes fun at her moments of timidness as she endeavors to overcome them. All elements combine to create an uplifting piece that is at once thoughtful and relatable.



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