Fish And Scale – You Can Call Me Love

Fish And Scale – You Can Call Me Love

 Fish And Scale – You Can Call Me Love

Fish And Scale – You Can Call Me Love

ARTIST NAME: Fish And Scale


SONG TITLE: You Can Call Me Love


RELEASE DATE: 28.05.2021



















Discuss how you get involved in music.
I think any kind of art is an expression of our inner creator, even if we are sometimes not aware of it. For me, the importance of my inner creator is obvious. When I make music, I listen to this part of me more and more.


Tell us how you develop the instrumentation for this song.
The instrumentation of the album is very reduced, acoustic guitar, piano in a very supportive way, and vocals. Sometimes a little bit of percussion… The goal was to make the album as intimate as possible.


Go into detail on how you create your song.
To write a song I literally wait for an intense creative phase. I can’t explain it in words but when it happens it is always a blessing. And it is always combined with tears. I call it a wonderful cry. There is no sadness, just pure overwhelming emotions, laughing and crying at the same time. When that happens, I know the song is a good one, because it comes from a deeper place in me.


Discuss your musical ability.
I am a singer and guitarist. Normally I tour alone, just my guitar and me. I play piano and use it sometimes for songwriting.


Elaborate on the lyrics of the song.
Who says “You Can Call Me Love”? – It is the essence in us. When we are naked and pure, free from all collective narratives, from all our expectations of how life should be, and all concepts in our mind, a deeper meaning shows up that we can call love. The more we dive into this dimension, the more we feel happiness, love, and the joy of simplicity. We realize that we are life itself. Maybe this song could be an opener, a hint to a deeper dimension in us.


Discuss your performance
During my performances, the connection to the audience is especially important for me. This connection happens when I surrender to the intimacy of the moment.
On stage, I come in the “here and now” closer and let myself go with the flow of the music.


Tell us how you prepare for a show or recording session.
Unfortunately, we all had to do without live concerts for quite a long time, so I have almost forgotten how to prepare for them.
Hopefully, however, I will be able to perform live again soon. I plan a tour through the USA at end of the year.


Tell us how you coordinate other musicians or how you relate with your producer in bringing the best out of your song.
I had a very good team in the studio. We are all friends. It was very easy and fun to work and coordinate.


Tell us how you entice the listeners with your music.
All I can say is that this album came out from my heart. For me, the songs represent or point to a deeper aspect of life. It seems so difficult but it is so simple to realize that we are life itself.


Discuss how you promote your music.
I am an independent artist. That means I do most of the tasks related to my music on my own (except for the things my publisher does).
Thus, I am free to unfold my creativity just the way I like it. An important tool for my promotion is social media of course. I love to get in touch with my fan community. To find out how they approach life and in what way my music can be part of their journey.


Tell us how you ensure your vocal is in harmony with the instrumentation.
I always compose vocals and instruments (e.g. guitar) at the same time, so there is no issue for me here.


Tell us how you build your vocal melody and elaborate on the song.
I play the guitar/piano and sing to it. That is all :-). It helps me a lot to be in a very special mood though. I call it “being in the heart”. In this deepened state of consciousness, something in me is longing for expression and wants to manifest itself in a song. That’s how I would describe it.


Elaborate on your artist’s name.
Fish And Scale is a hint to my zodiac signs -> Pisces and ascendant Libra. :-)



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