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Ethan Mugglestone – Last Chance

Ethan Mugglestone - Last Chance

Ethan Mugglestone - Last Chance

Ethan Mugglestone – Last Chance

ARTIST NAME: Ethan Mugglestone


SONG TITLE: Last Chance











Tell us what your fans are saying about your music.
My fans would probably describe my music as, unique, diverse, and pop.


Tell us the factors you consider when writing a song.
I try not to overthink the writing of the song otherwise it might not feel as organic or original. We usually look to create the bottom line first with melodic ideas and then the top line afterward. The song always has to meet the genre in which we are writing.


Discuss the production of the song.
The production of this song wasn’t overly difficult. Most powerful love ballads are very raw and have an acoustic feel. Piano, strings, and vocal… It’s important that the vocals were mixed right to really give off the importance of the emotion in this song.


Tell us the names of artists or musicians you have worked with, in the past.
I’m working with many up-and-coming artists just like myself. Some of those include AmberCxlre, Alessandra Curle, and Cole Stock.


Tell us about your experience performing on stage for the first time or recording in the studio for the first time.
Both were very different and exciting. I’m not really a nervous person, but playing live and recording in a studio tend to be very different. I remember them both but playing live for the first time really is the one I remember most. People are now paying to come and watch you and this means you have to entertain and put on a show for them.


Tell us how you approach songwriting.
For my first initial steps, I always approach songwriting the same way. Who are the target audience? What is our genre aim? Who am I collaborating with? And where would we want to pitch this song? The rest is usually quite organic, I have the chord progressions that always get me started but the rest happens naturally.


Tell us your opinion on blending genres or experimenting with sound.
I like blending genres and experimenting with sounds. The music industry is always evolving and in order to stay with the current “sound”, this is something that is needed to give yourself the best possible chance of achieving longevity in the industry.


Elaborate on what compels you to go into music.
The idea of achieving a number 1 hit, or several chart hits. Another thing is the competitive nature of the industry and the market this pushes me to always improve and be the best possible songwriter and producer I can possibly be.


Discuss how you record your vocals.
The vocals are the only thing that I try and record in a professional environment (A studio). The quality of the studio microphones just gives it an added quality that helps with the songs I produce. If a studio isn’t possible, we then look to use rooms that are appropriate for recording vocals.


Tell us the software you use mostly for recording.
Logic Pro is the main DAW I use to both record and produce my songs, I just find it the easiest and the most efficient to use.


Elaborate on the song.
The song is about the ending of a relationship and the story of how the relationship unfolded and what the feeling is afterward. It’s a song of reflection, heartbreak, and love.


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album.
Ethan Mugglestone and Ben Pratt are our real names, we just feel using our real names and not stage names are more suitable and make us more relatable to audiences. We chose ‘Last Chance’ as the title to our song as we felt it gave the right amount of emotiveness to engage the audience.


Share your press release and review with us.
Last Chance
Singer/Songwriter Ben Pratt teams up with Songwriter and Producer Ethan Mugglestone on the Pop Hit “Last Chance.” Ben and Ethan are both studying for a song-writing degree at BIMM Birmingham. BIMM has produced some of the nation’s favorite artists throughout the years and is regarded as the most prestigious university for modern music. FFO – Michael Ball, Alfie Boe, Collabro, Michael Buble, Bruno Mars, and Lin Manuel-Miranda…
This collaboration is an infusion of both Pratt’s and Mugglestone’s musical sounds and influences. The writing process consisted of Mugglestone’s lyrical storytelling, whereas Pratt controls the chords and the bottom line of this song, the melody is shared between the two.
The song began as a way of expressing emotion through the keys with the initial idea coming from a reflective walk. Soon after, the idea would be used to add emotion under a set of thought-provoking lyrics. Together, the pair edited this idea to create a story of love, pain, and reflection.
Mugglestone tells a story of lost love and how a relationship can sometimes have its bad times, but the good times should always be remembered. “Last Chance” tells a lyrical story of a typical relationship and what tends to happen when the love is coming to an end, or someone has made a mistake. Mugglestone’s lyrics show a range of emotions throughout and that is what makes the love ballad so powerful. The Song title “Last Chance” is a very emotive song title itself; it creates an immediate intensity to an emotive and heartfelt song. The way in which the story is told and is so relatable to so many relationships… When Mugglestone collaborates, he tends to be a heavily bottom-line writer, but him taking control of the top line for this song shows his maturity and versatility as a songwriter.


Ben Pratt
A passionate trombonist and singer-songwriter, Ben Pratt has performed as a soloist across the Midlands, as well as nationally alongside the RAF. Ben’s influences lay within the pop and gospel genres but takes inspiration from across the industry from film and orchestral music to funk and jazz.   Since he was young, Ben would take every available opportunity to perform in both Finnish and English. Starting trombone aged nine; Ben would go on to perform at shows as part of big bands, marching bands and concert bands. As a diverse artist, Ben’s aspirations lay with a foot in every door around the sector, from writing music for film and media to performing not only as a solo artist but also on stage as part of productions in musical theatre too.


Ethan Mugglestone
At the center of the Midlands music scene, Ethan Mugglestone is a Songwriter and Producer learning his trade at BIMM Birmingham, His Debut release back in 2019 “Little Love” has passed 1,000 streams and received several radio plays. Despite his music is described as “pop perfect” and “chart-worthy”, his ability to infuse different sounds and genres into his very own style of pop music makes him so gifted, taking pop music to the next level with his fresh and original sound. Mugglestone is writing music, that no matter what genre of music you listen to, you can’t help but love. He is destined for a long and successful career in the industry.



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