Daniel Fin – Memories And Friends

Daniel Fin – Memories And Friends

Daniel Fin – Memories And Friends

Daniel Fin – Memories And Friends



SONG TITLE: Memories And Friends


RELEASE DATE: 12.02.2021


GENRE: Folk, Singer/Songwriter















Daniel Fin is a Swiss musician and songwriter. In 2019, he released his first complete album: “Somniloquy,” whose title conveys “talking in your sleep”. Exactly what it is that he’s saying though, no one really knows (and maybe it’s better that way). But it is this undefined something that connects many of the songs on the album, recorded using only acoustic guitar and vocals.
The songs that were written after “Somniloquy” display an altered songwriting style, which is, in itself, more relaxed and easy-going. The bass guitar now has a firm place in the songs and sometimes, a lone harmonica joins in or whatever else is lying around. What has remained unchanged, however, is the distinctive and diverse voice, with all its playful facets. The two decades spent as singer and guitarist of the alternative rock band, The Tilts, have strongly influenced both Fin’s voice and his songwriting style.
Even now, as before, Daniel Fin’s main themes revolve around our everyday experiences, needs, fears, desires, whether real or fictional. Wrapped in abstract lyricism, but with a more serious undertone, it is not always easy to follow a line or a thought…
“My songs are like a diary for me. Very personal… When I listen to them, I relive things. The beautiful as well as the unpleasant… But, every time, I experience different elements as though for the first time, often from a completely new perspective… That’s cool.





When we were all together
We mostly had much fun
And there were a lot of reasons to forget
The foolish things we have done
We have been good friends, no matter what came up
Time has been running fast since then
So tell me: what are we now?


All the songs we played and all the hearts we broke
All the strings we changed for our little dream and hope
To these bright memories
I love thinking back
But time is running bloody fast
So tell me: what are we now?


Please don’t get me wrong
It ain’t my aim to blame you
But I won’t blame myself either,
That’s just the fucking life we chose
And yet, we are still pals
I hope you all agree
The time is speeding up,
So tell me what are we gonna be?


Is it really crucial what has been since then?
Does it really matter what has been said by whom and when?
Do we truly care about the core inside our bond?
Or what else could it be
That we are still here?


When we were all together
We mostly had much fun
And we found stupid reasons
To forget the best things we have ever done
Hey man, how you doing?
How do you feel today?
Time’s been running fast since then
And we’re all older now
So hey, let’s make new memories
Good memories to laugh about
So come on, let’s create new memories
As long as we are still here



Tell us how you build up the tune for this song.
The basic melody appeared somehow during a jam session. I just knew that I wanted to do something with the harmonica, the first time ever. And then one thing led to another and finally ended up in a whole song.


Tell us your point of view on the quality of production of today’s songs to old songs and point out what you think has changed.
The pure quality itself (from a technical point of view) has extremely improved. The crazy but good thing is, that today this high quality is available for almost everybody. I mean, in the past only big bands or artists with contracts or a label in the back could produce high-quality albums, also from a financial perspective. Today, the good stuff is available for a good budget. I often see (also by myself), that musicians from today are searching the sound character of the past days. We all have these super cool songs in our head, produced decades ago. And we want that sound and this old vintage character also for our own songs, but we actually forget that everything has changed: the microphones, the instruments, the cables, the programs, the whole system of recording, the rooms, the knowledge about recording, even the songwriting style. On the other hand – and that’s cool – because of this good quality, new styles and song characters have been born and that’s why there’s a huge field of different styles.


Tell us any interesting experience in your music career that is significant.
Well… when I think about this question the following situation pops up in my mind. It’s less a significant experience, but at least a funny one.
I was doing the soundcheck for a concert, my guitar was done and then I was going to do the voice. In the room, there were two dogs. At the moment I started singing, the dogs howled and didn’t stop before I stopped singing. That made the soundcheck a little bit more complicated than it was normally, ha-ha. :)


Tell us how you come across the lyrics of this song.
I wrote the song shortly after my band split. I was asking myself (and still do) how our friendship would be affected by the fact that we don’t have anymore what has connected us for years – the music, the band. Thus, the song is about the fear of losing good friends (what I haven’t, by the way), but at the same time about looking forward to another kind of interesting, musical future.


Discuss how you plan to create a piece of timeless music that your fans can cherish forever.
Ha-ha, if I had the answer to this question, I would not tell this secret to anybody, and probably, I then would rather be a millionaire and playing concerts on a private island somewhere in the pacific – of course including all my timeless songs. :)


Tell us what triggers your creativity.
Take time to play and then just play. Play again and improvise. And this over and over again, until the song has the feeling and character that makes it feel all right. It’s work, but I love it.


Tell us your greatest song and state the reason.
Oh, man… I can’t decide which one I shall take: California Stars by Billy Bragg or You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere by Bob Dylan, or Older Chests by Damien Rice or Very Ape by Nirvana. Well, I’ll select Very Ape by Nirvana, because Nirvana reminds me of my youth. And the song Very Ape, don’t know, I just like it very much.


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album.
Well, that was a long process with lots of other proposals with completely different approaches and meanings.
In the end, it was the gut feeling that selected “Daniel Fin”. It’s rather short, you can pronounce it in various languages and I think (or hope) it’s not that complicated to keep it in mind while sounding somehow “artistic”. :-)



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