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Children of Adam Band – Come Together

Children of Adam Band - Come Together.jpg
Children of Adam Band - Come Together

Children of Adam Band – Come Together


ARTIST NAME: Children of Adam Band


SONG TITLE: Come Together


ALBUM TITLE: Bilal-Positive Message Bearing Music Volume 1























Moving ever onward
Closer to the light
Save me from the darkness
Help me stand to fight


Together___we must
We must come together as one
(I call to you) (We call to you)
Together___we must
We must come together as ONE


The time is now or never
There’s no time left to loose
Hold on to those you cherish
Bring them close to you


With every beat of my heart
And every breath I take
Each step brings me closer


On destiny, I wait
Together___we must
We must come together as one
(I call to you) (We call to you)
Together___we must
We must come together as ONE


Moving ever onward
Closer to the light
Save me from the darkness
Help me stand to fight


Together___we must
We must come together as one
(I call to you) (We call to you)
Together___we must
We must come together as ONE


Moving ever onward
(I call to you)(We call to you)
Moving ever onward
(I call to you)(We call to you)
Moving ever onward
(I call to you)(We call to you)
Moving ever onward
Moving ever onward
Moving ever onward



Discuss your recording experience with your producer:
Baba Ahmad Kenya is the producer and songwriter.


Discuss what comes first and last while creating a song: 
I never start out intentionally trying to create a song based upon a theme or concept.  There is no specific sequence of activities or events that precede a song.  It is without the boundaries of time or place, day or night.
It is something that occurs beyond my control.  The creation of a song can best be described as a “portent” opening up and I hear melodies, lyrics, horns, rhythms, and all other components inside my head but not in that specific order.  It can be in small components or almost the complete song at once.  Sometimes it’s multiple songs, other times it’s just one song or a part of a song.
I have to rush to find writing tools or use a mini tape recorder, or cell phone to sing or hum or play the parts into before I forget them.  It’s a gift!


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to a new artist:
First, I tell young upcoming musicians to learn to be creative.  Sure, as novices we learn to mimic and imitate others who are popular and made their acclaim.  We get accolades and satisfaction from the public revisiting and enjoying “nostalgia”.  It gives us a sense of affirmation.  This is “feel-good music”.  You’re playing (covering) someone else’s music.  It’s someone else’s creativity of voice or musical instrument.  You must stop playing “other people’s music”, and start creating and playing only your own.  You must make your own “voice” heard, Otherwise, no one will ever hear your “voice”.
Second, I tell young upcoming musicians to produce PMB Music.  PMB Music is “Positive Message Bearing Music”.  This should be your guideline.  There are 7 Principles of PMB Music:
  1. No Abusive Language
  2. No Bigotry
  3. No Bullying
  4. No Drugs
  5. No Guns
  6. No Misogyny
  7. No Racism


Discuss your worse experience in the music business: 
We don’t have a “worst experience”.  All actions and reactions are a part of life’s tests, and you must have the focus to forbear and overcome the obstacles of these tests and choose a path over, under, or around them to continue on.  Learn the lessons of life from your tests. God will always open another door for you.  That is true progress.


Tell us how you deal with rejection:
The same as “worst experiences.”


Tell us what you are doing to impact the people around you:
Children of Adam Band is creating PMB Music.  Positive Message Bearing Music.


Tell us the music that makes you happy:
New alternative music that is creative, positive, and uplifting.


Tell us how you make instrumentation to your song:
It all comes in unpredictable portents and usually gels together within 48 hours. I have written maybe 30 songs this way.


Tell us how you feel when you sing and your fans sing along to your song:
That’s great, but it’s even more amazing when you see people get up and dance together to your music because the euphoric connection conduit of your music goes into their heads and grounds to their feet.


Tell us the goals you aim to achieve when creating a song:
One goal only… to make it as beautiful as possible.


Tell us how you plan to develop a unique music style:
Our unique music style comes from our collection of various musicians.


Tell us how to record a song:
Practice, practice, practice!  Master your musical craft. Know your music inside and out, front to back.  Then go into the studio.


Tell us if you are collaborating with other songwriters or you write alone:
I write music alone.


Discuss your experience with fans:
All people love us and our music.


Tell us your experience of booking gigs and shows:
Some we get, others we don’t!  Maybe they weren’t meant for us yet! Now the world is run by COVID-19.  We are all affected.


Tell us if you consider a song placement in TV or Film and elaborate:
No specific song, however if the flavor and style of our songs will enhance a video, then great!  “Come Together” is a great song to use for “anti-racism”.
No specific song created for TV or Film, however, we do use projected imagery and visuals on a number of songs during performances to greater impact the audience regarding the concepts we’re portraying.


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album:
Regarding the name “Children of Adam Band”, it comes from the Abrahamic Faith Traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam who all universally believe in the concept of the first human being created known as “Adam” and it is from this common unique source that all humanity comes from.
Technically we are all the “Children of Adam”, and not only does the “Children of Adam Band” celebrate the musical diversity of humanity, but they also celebrate humanity itself.  It is for this reason that the majority of our songs contain lyrics in English language and dialect.  Our music is global.  We speak to the world.
Children of Adam Band doesn’t proselytize, but our first album titled “Bilal-Positive Message Bearing Music Vol.1” takes its name from an actual historical figure, Bilal Ibn Rabah, who although born into slavery, was selected to be a Companion of Prophet Muhammad, and due to his profound sonorous voice, was chosen to call people to worship and thus to a higher sense of purpose and humanity.  As a result of this, Bilal rose high above his former masters and persecutors.  One of the major themes of his story is the ability to forbear and overcome insurmountable obstacles. Again, the song “Come Together” best exemplifies that calling of humanity together.
Our second album, currently in the making, titled “Timbuktu-The Human Journey”-Positive Message Bearing Music Vol. 2 continues with the listener engaging upon a journey as a “human being” through the various stages of life to the present.  The album contains 15+ original songs that take the listener from specific stages of development in life after the recognition of right and wrong, as well as the various ingrained learning experiences taught by parents and elders. There are perplexing questions that remain to be answered.  The “human being” embarks on a journey searching for answers.  At least 2/3 of the song lyrics contain dialect.  Our messages are global as we continue to speak to the world.


Share your press release and review with us:
The purpose of  “COME TOGETHER” is the universal call to humanity to divest themselves of petty preconceived differences and unite under the commonality of humankind.
This “GLOBAL ANTHEM” reminds us all of the common goal and progression towards the light of mutual recognition, respect, inclusion, and ultimately progress.
The CHILDREN OF ADAM BAND is a 14 member “WORLD MUSIC BAND” with lyrics in English language and multiple dialects, promoting “Unity” by celebrating the musical diversity of humanity with “PMB-Positive Message Bearing Music.”
Directed and written by Baba Ahmad Kenya, this video was produced by Images of the Motherland direct from a 2020 “LIVE CONCERT” in Virginia.


“I found your music uplifting.”
“Reminded me of the conscious music I was inspired by in my formative years.”
“Keep keeping on!”
– Gerald Veasley


“Cool sound and vocals”
– Applefish


“Nice lively vibes, funky, and quite alluring too. The vocals are alluring and expressive”


“The instrumentation is solid”


“Hey, the vocals are rich and warm, the track is radio-friendly.”
– Nam-Radio


“The sound is good and well-produced, great instrumentation, nice brass…Keep up the good work.”
– Thony Ritz


“Love the warm vibe of this and the trumpets!”
– Activation Vibration


“I bought “Come Together” on iTunes and I love the song and its message.”


“First, I want to say how pleased I am to have your music in rotation. I receive tons of submissions, and I only play what I like, and right now the stream is about 15 hours long and growing.  I really like your music and would like to hear more.”



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