Broadtube Business Network

Broadtube Music
Music Promotion – 2 Songs
10,000 plays per song.

10,000 Plays Per Song
Spotify/SoundCloud/YouTube URL
Spotify/SoundCloud/YouTube URL


OPTION 2:Music Promotion – 10 -15 Songs

Broadtube Album Promotion 10 – 15 Songs
Spotify – Album (URL)




Music Promotion – 1 Song

Broadtube Music Promotion – 1 Song

Spotify/SoundCloud/YouTube URL



Social Networking

Video-Sharing and Selling

Audio/Song Sharing and Selling 

Audio Streaming


Photo Licensing and Video Sharing

Broadtube App for Android

Broadtube App for iOS 

Broadtube App for Amazon Devices

Broadtube App for Windows

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